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Unleashing Creativity

Are you looking for custom-made garden gates that perfectly complement your outdoor space and reflect your style? Dan is a highly skilled blacksmith who combines traditional techniques and modern fabrication to create stunning metalwork tailored to your unique design preferences. With his exceptional craftsmanship, you can expect nothing less than a truly exquisite and distinctive addition to your garden.

From ornate garden and pedestrian gates to stately driveway and
entrance gates, Dan brings your vision to life with meticulous attention to detail. Whether you desire a classic, elegant design or a bold and modern statement piece, Dan uses his expertise to tailor the metalwork to complement your surroundings and architectural aesthetics perfectly.

The Art of Bespoke Garden Gates in Gloucestershire

Transform your garden's entrance into a captivating masterpiece with bespoke garden gates. Crafted with an artistic flair, these gates not only enhance the curb appeal of your property but also serve as a testament to true craftsmanship. Each garden gate is uniquely designed to reflect your personality and blend harmoniously with the natural beauty of your garden.

Beyond Gates: Railings and More

In addition to garden gates, Dan creates an array of stunning railings. These meticulously crafted pieces offer security and safety and add a touch of elegance to your property. Whether you seek decorative railings, garden benches or functional handrails, Dan has the expertise to bring your ideas to life.

Contact Us to Craft Your Metal Masterpiece

Each Bespoke piece of metalwork is hand-made at the forge in Gloucestershire. Embrace the allure of traditional blacksmithing techniques combined with modern craftsmanship to elevate the appeal and value of your property. Dan is here to offer his assistance as your creative collaborator in bringing your metalwork ideas to fruition. Together, Dan will work with you to turn your vision into reality.


Contact Dan today to discuss your project and witness the magic of a true master blacksmith. Experience the joy of owning a custom-made metalwork masterpiece that will stand the test of time and become a cherished part of your home.

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