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Bespoke Metalwork: Premium Craftsmanship in Gloucester

For the most outstanding metalwork in Gloucester, Dan Whitcombe is an expert blacksmith and artist. Specialising in railings, gates, and handrails, Daniel Whitcombe brings uniqueness and vision to each project to find the end result that best fits your ideal. Combining high quality for functionality and durability as well as the experience to bring visual style and elegance, Daniel Whitcombe is your blacksmith.

Your Blacksmith: Daniel Whitcombe

With over a decade’s experience in the forge and a degree in Blacksmithing from the Hereford College of Art, Daniel Whitcombe has the experience and skill to complete any job to the highest level. The degree of quality Daniel’s finished work showcases is a testament to his tremendous talent and years of training. Daniel is, above all, a craftsman and artist, his work reflecting far more than simple functionality. For bespoke garden gates, railings, and handrails, Daniel Whitcombe offers the complete service for metalwork in Gloucester, creating the design in collaboration with you, before carrying out the work to your specifications. With hand drawn sketches, you can be sure you’re satisfied before the work starts. With a one person service from start to finish, Daniel aims to build a personal relationship with you.

The Promise of Beauty

Whether you want subtlety or a grand statement, Daniel Whitcombe will deliver quality and durability alongside your aesthetic vision. From garden gates to handrails, metalwork can bring vivid beauty with the promise of long lasting materials and craftsmanship. Intricately designed bespoke railings, the perfect complementary garden gate to your outdoor space, and both interior and exterior handrailings combining tradition with modern charm–Daniel’s work adds uniqueness to every home in Gloucester and beyond.

Get in Touch

For any enquiries regarding your vision for any variety of metalwork in the home, Daniel Whitcombe is waiting to collaborate with you. For truly unique and bespoke work in Gloucester, get in touch today via phone or email or book an appointment to visit the workshop.

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