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Expert Hand: Premium Metalwork In Stroud

With Daniel Whitcombe, you will get only the most outstanding and high-quality blacksmithing in Stroud. Across a range of outdoor and indoor fixtures, Dan is an artist blacksmith with a vision for finely crafted metalwork. Daniel can create handrails , garden gates and railings​ to enhance your outdoor and indoor spaces. Together with your vision, Daniel can create a metal masterpiece with end-to-end service.

Daniel: Your Artist Blacksmith

With a decade of experience in the forge and a BA Hons in Artist Blacksmithing from the Hereford College of Art, Daniel’s skill with metal is up to the highest standards. Daniel is a craftsman committed to quality. For Daniel, functionality is just one part of the piece–he seeks to create something stunningly unique that is, above all, a work of art. For subtle beauty or a grand statement, Daniel Whitcombe’s blacksmithing in Stroud can create something for you.

Premium Blacksmithing: What We Do

Daniel Whitcombe’s work covers a wide range of indoor and outdoor fixtures. The promise of every piece is durability alongside beauty. Our main services cover exterior metalwork. 


For stunning garden gates, Daniel’s skill and talent are unmatched. He can create a beautiful metal centrepiece for large and small garden gates to enhance the curb appeal of your property and make a grand entrance space.

Metal Handrails: Inside & Out

In a meeting of traditional techniques and modern, unique flair and style, Daniel’s specialist bespoke iron handrails make an artistic statement in the house or outside. Get in touch to discuss your vision for bespoke handrails in Stroud.

Premium Railings

For any purpose, Daniel can create impeccably designed railings with artistic vision and durable strength. With expertise and passion for the trade, Daniel’s smithing experience and knowledge can work with your vision to create a beautiful accent railing for any space.

Beauty & Strength

Whatever your blacksmithing project in Stroud, Daniel can bring all the skills and experience necessary to the table. Daniel’s work will stand the test of time, but it won’t sacrifice beauty and artistry in the process.

To discuss your project with Daniel, get in touch today. Whatever you need, Daniel is an experienced blacksmith in Stroud who puts his heart into every project for a unique finish every time. Call today.

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